Vienna Film Commission

39th Round Table

At the 39th round table of the Vienna Film Commission Yvonne Heuber (Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG) and Nikolaus Summer (MA 53 – project management Seestadt Aspern) presented the Seestadt Aspern as a possible film location with its modern residential buildings, playgrounds, extensive landscapes, current construction sites and the lake.
Parking spaces in the Seestadt Aspern are limited. For film shootings the municipal department MA 46 is able to grant exceptions for road blocks or the closing of different road sections if applied for in due time.
For film shootings in buildings, swimming pools, social rooms, underground parking lots or at construction sites Yvonne Heuber (Wien 3420) can give you further details as well as the necessary contacts. Location tours are also possible if notified early enough.