Vienna Film Commission

33rd Round Table

Erich Hermann was the speaker at the 33rd Round Table with support of his colleague’s Dirk Neuburg, Luise Gruber and Claudia Schmidt. The round table’s theme was „Information surrounding film shoots on bridges, stairs and areas belonging to the MA29“. The MA 29 is in charge of 1300 constructions of which approximately 820 are bridges. The MA 29 works in areas of planning, construction, management and maintenance of bridges, stairs, retaining walls and special objects. Motorway bridges are managed by ASFINAG not the MA 29.

There are different types of permits for filming. Like the MA 46, the MA 29 also issues a permit for “touristic shooting” for film shoots requiring little effort. The crew cannot be more that 5 people, traffic and pedestrians can’t be hindered and the shoot can’t have specific requirements which need to be organised by the MA 29. This type of permit is free of charge. The application should be sent to the Vienna Film Commission at least 10 work days in advance in order to ensure enough processing time. For more complex shoots including the set-up of cranes, driving on sidewalks or pedestrian walkways or an extraordinary strain on retaining walls a test must be carried out before a permit can be issued.

A contract regarding costs and liability in case of damages must be signed and the applicant will be billed for the drawing of the contract, any aptitude tests and any follow-up controls. If static proof must be obtained, it is recommended that evidence by expert specialists is gathered together with the MA 29. The processing fee is € 300. It is calculated by effort of the MA 29 and not the duration of the shoot. This application must be submitted via the Vienna Film Commission at least 20 workdays before the proposed starting date. All permits must be allowed by the MA 46 as well as the MA 29 or the Vienna Film Commission in cases of “Touristic Shooting” in order to shoot on the streets. More information on the MA 29 areas can be found here :Brückeninformation Wien (Brücken-GIS).